A Visitor for Bear by Bonny Becker


Bear has a sign on his front door that states, “No Visitors Allowed.” He is certain he doesn’t want any visitors. Then, one morning a little grey mouse knocks on Bear’s front door.

Bear explains to the mouse that he is not interested in visitors and tells him to leave. However, the mouse is not so easily put off. No matter what Bear tries to do to keep the mouse out of his house, his efforts fail over and over.

Finally Bear gives up and lets the mouse come inside. After all his efforts to keep visitors away, Bear realizes that life is much better with a friend than being all alone.

We all need friends in our lives, even though sometimes we may not feel like we want them around. It’s also very important for kids to learn that friends can be found in, what might appear as, the most unlikely of people.

What would you think the chances are of a bear and a mouse becoming friends? Not very likely, I would say.

Tiny Tidbits: A Visitor for Bear, has also been recommended by National BookPALS for reading at children’s hospitals and cultural institutions. (Resource: Bonny Becker Website)

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