David Gets in Trouble by David Shannon


Admittedly, we are a little partial to this story because my son’s name is David. Still it is a treat to read. David has an excuse for every bit of mischief he gets himself into. Sometimes his excuse is he forgot, it wasn’t his fault, or he couldn’t help it.

What makes it so funny is how obvious it is that David is guilty. As a mom, it is really easy to relate to this story, because we hear a lot of these same excuses regularly.

Shannon captures the reality of being young children. They are full of energy and full of excuses when that energy gets them into trouble.

Because of its great illustrations, David Gets in Trouble is perfect for showing young children just how easy it is for parents to see beyond their excuses. It is also good for helping kids to understand that excuses are just excuses, and that they should take responsibility for their actions.

Tiny Tidbits: Other books in this series are No, David!, David Goes to School, Oh, David!, Oops!, and David Smells: A Diaper David Book. The original book, No, David!, was actually based on a story Shannon wrote as a little boy. He only modified it to make it more appealing. (Resource: Reading Rockets)

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Posted on April 13th, 2009 in Books | 3 Comments
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  • steadymom says:

    I have to admit that I haven’t read this particular David book, but I find “No, David” a particularly annoying read.

    Something about those illustrations gives me the creeps, but clearly I’m not the target audience! I know so many kids just love them.

    steadymom’s last blog post..what do you think?

  • Completely off topic from your book of the week. 🙂
    I did an update on my chicks. My lab was actually mothering and nurturing them. Since I feel as if people “know” me on my blog, I just didn’t think about the fact that people who haven’t been following my blog wouldn’t know that we are total animal lovers.
    Oops – just wanted you to know. 🙂

    Jen@Balancing Beauty and Bedlam’s last blog post..Please read – update on baby chicks

    • Amanda says:

      No worries! I really wasn’t too concerned about it. I couldn’t imagine that you would actually post something that disturbing if it had really been how it appeared.

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