Fancy Nancy by Jane O’Connor


Although Fancy Nancy is a children’s book, specifically a little girl’s story, I absolutely love it. Maybe, partly because I can relate. My little girl is so much like Nancy.

Nancy is super frilly and fancy. She loves big jewelry, feather boas, ribbons, bows and fancy clothes. Even her ice cream sundae, which she calls a parfait, has to have sprinkles on top because that makes it more fancy.

Nancy decides that her plain family needs to learn to be more fancy, so she decides to give lessons to teach them to be fancy too. In the end, however, it is Nancy who learns a thing or two about being fancy.

As I said earlier, this story was written for children, but it is so adorable that I find myself drawn to read it. The illustrations are colorful and so fun to look at also. I may just have to stick this one in my own library.

Tiny Tidbits: A total of 13 Fancy Nancy books are currently available for purchase, and an additional four others are suppose to go on sale later this year. For a complete listing, visit the HarperCollins website.

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