Harold and the Purple Crayon by Crockett Johnson


Most any parent can tell you that the imagination of a child can be quite fascinating and intriguing at times. In Harold and the Purple Crayon, Harold uses his vivid imagination to draw an imaginary adventure for himself. Throughout the book, the pages contain only Harold and his purple crayon drawings.

His adventure begins when he decides to take walk in the moonlight, only to discover that there is no moonlight to light his way, nor a place to walk. So, he draws the moon and a sidewalk and begins his journey.

No matter your age, this story is magical, creative and so much fun to read. It is amazing what one small child can imagine and create with only a purple crayon. This story will most certainly continue to amuse and open up the minds of children for years to come.

Tiny Tidbits: Harold and the Purple Crayon is also available in 10 other languages: Spanish, French, Italian, Finnish, Swedish, Danish, Dutch, German, Hebrew, and Chinese. (Resource: Crocket Johnson’s Books: The Harold Series)

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