Kids Cooking: A Very Slightly Messy Manual


It can be so fun to cook with kids. They bring energy into the kitchen. Sometimes a little too much energy, but nevertheless, it’s entertaining to say the least. My son and I have a lot of fond memories from our kitchen creations and plan to continue making them.

On that note, I found the greatest little cookbook for cooking with kids. It’s called Kids Cooking: A Very Slightly Messy Manual. While researching to determine which kids cookbook might be a good one to try, I found that this particular one had very good ratings and has been around for quite a while.

As an added bonus, it came with colored measuring spoons for my son. Included in the instructions of each recipe are pictures of all the ingredients to help children determine what is needed for the recipe even if they can’t read yet.

When I first received this book, I was a little concerned that the food might not be as flavorful as I would like because it was simple recipes kids can make. I soon found that my concerns were unfounded. The food is very tasty. I did good on this one. 🙂

Unfortunately, due to a thing called copyright law, I can’t share any of the actual recipes with you. This blog doesn’t exactly earn enough to cover getting sued. What I can do though is tell you about a couple of the recipes and show you pictures of the end results.

The first thing we made together were these Personal Pizzas using English muffins.

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I loved these because the sauce was a snap to prepare and they were really tasty. In addition, my kids enjoyed putting them together since they were small and “just their size.” I think I made a good decision in choosing this kid’s cookbook.

Tomorrow, I will be sharing a few tips for cooking with kids, and show you a super easy and yummy dessert we prepared together using this cookbook. (Hint: It contains chocolate.)

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  • Writer Dad says:

    That’s AWESOME! My kids love to cook. They love it with mom, but even more with me (I let them get WAY messier).

    Writer Dad’s last blog post..Meme Oh My-O

  • When I taught first grade, I had this fantastic recipe book for single serving recipes. We cooked once a week, and each student made their own muffin or soft pretzel or mini-pizza…it was so cool. Unfortunately, I left the book with the other teachers and can’t remember the title of it. I really need to get my hands on that book, because I know how much fun my kids will have!

    thanks for reminding me.

    kirwin @ Graceful Creative’s last blog post..Edit, Add, Appreciate – May 17

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