The Little Engine That Could by Watty Piper


A happy little train puffs along on it’s way to the other side of the mountain to deliver toys and good food to the little boys and girls. Suddenly, a problem arises. The little train stops and can go no further.

All the toys are disappointed because the boys and girls will not get their toys and good food if they don’t make it over the mountain. Then, the little clown spots a shiny new engine coming their way. Unfortunately, the shiny new engine thinks he is too good to pull the little train over the mountain.

The clown continues to ask other passing engines to pull them over the mountain so that they can deliver the toys and good food. Finally, they find a very small blue engine that is willing to try.

In this classic tale, The Little Engine That Could, kids learn that just because you are small doesn’t mean you can’t do very important things. Much of the time, what we are able to accomplish is a matter of attitude and determination rather than our size.

Tiny Tidbits: In 2005, a full-sized replica of The Little Engine that Could was constructed. Now, many tourist and museum railroad operations throughout the United States host rail tours each year called the ‘I think I can’ Rail Tour. (Resource: Wikipedia)

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