The Mommy Interviews by Kristy Stratton-Tolley


Could God have made a mistake when He chose a mother for Lucy?

She’s not allowed to paint the dog’s toenails, eat a snack before lunch or wear her fairy princess costume to church. Surely, there was some mistake.

After Lucy rudely lets her mother know how she feels, her mother suggests Lucy interview a few ladies in order to find a more suitable mother for herself. Lucy thinks this sounds like a okay idea, at least initially.

However, to Lucy’s surprise, she finds the whole interview process to be quite tiring, difficult and eye-opening.

Maybe God did know what He was doing after all. Even though her mom doesn’t always let her do whatever she wants to do, they sure do have a lot of fun together.

Lucy’s not sure this will be the case with a new mother, especially after some of the answers she receives to her interview questions.

My Thoughts:

I was so excited about reading this story from the moment I read it’s title and description, and let’s just say, I was not at all disappointed.

Not only is this book adorable, but it’s also a great way for helping chidren see that God doesn’t make mistakes in placing them exactly where He wants them and with the parents He wants them to be with.

This is an excellent book to sit down and read aloud with your children. It provides a great opportunity to talk about things that make your time with one another special and unique. The Mommy Interviews is definitely one of my new favorites. 🙂

Tiny Tidbits:

Kristy Stratton-Tolley is a homeschooling mother of two girls and a freelance travel writer. To learn more about her, and find inspirational writings, you can visit her website at

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