Fun Christmas Cookies


One of my favorite things during the Christmas season is all the yummy goodies. Yesterday, I was looking back through some pictures from a couple of years ago of my little man’s Christmas party at preschool and remembered what fun we had making cookies for his party.

We made Christmas tree and gingerbread cookies. I was thrilled at how great the Christmas trees turned out, and they were so much easier to decorate than I thought they would be.

Anybody else want to give them a whirl? You can use pretty much any rolled cookie recipe you like.

The Christmas Tree Cookie

First make sure you let the cookies cool completely before piping on the icing. Then using tinted thin icing and a small round tip, start with the yellow string.

Next fill in the branches (the green squiggles) with green icing and the trunk with brown icing. Then using the same tip add little balls all over the tree. Finally with a small star tip, place a star on the top of the tree, and you have yourself a pretty little Christmas tree.

Slightly more challenging, but totally worth it, were these cute personalized gingerbread cookies.


I actually asked the teacher for a list of names of the children in the class along with their hair color. Then I made each child a unique cookie, placed it in a cello bag, and hung a tag on the outside with his or her name.

After trying, with no luck, to find a girl gingerbread cookie cutter for the girls, I had to use a basic gingerbread cutter for all the cookies. I think they would have been much cuter if I could have found a girl cookie cutter for the girls’ cookies, but oh well.

The Gingerbread Cookie

Before decorating the cookies, grab some paper and draw outlines of the gingerbread cookies. Then design them using colored pencils or crayons, so you know what colors you want to use.

Pipe the icing on, one color at the time, referring back to the patterns you drew on paper. This helps to stay organized and make the decorating go more quickly and smoothly.

My cookies weren’t perfect, but they were fun to make 🙂

Of course, the kids didn’t seem to mind. They were just excited to see their own little cookie made just for them.

What special goodies do you like to make during the holidays?

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