White Whole Wheat vs Regular Whole Wheat Flour


We’ve been eating mostly whole wheat breads for a while now, and we enjoy most of them. I say most of them because there are times I really miss the softer texture and milder flavor of white flour in some baked goods, such as muffins, cookies and biscuits.

As most of you probably know, 100% whole wheat flour produces a stronger flavored and coarser textured product than all-purpose white flour produces.

Well, a while back I noticed my grocery store selling bags of white whole wheat, but for some reason I thought that it was not totally 100% whole wheat flour like….well….like 100% whole wheat flour.

Maybe I thought it was some kind of clever marketing technique to sell a mixture of white flour and wheat flour. All I know is that I wasn’t too sure about it.

Is it as good as regular 100% whole wheat flour?

After doing a little research, I found out that white whole wheat has the same nutritional benefits as regular whole wheat, but produces a milder taste and a softer texture.

So, what is the difference?

The only real difference between the two flours is simply the type of wheat that is ground to produce the flour. White whole wheat is made from white wheat and regular whole wheat is made from red wheat.

That sounded like winner to me. So, I picked up a bag of the white whole wheat to try.

What do I think of white wheat?

Now I can have my cake or muffin or biscuit…. and eat it too…. 😆

I have been buying King Arthur wheat flours, and they are very good. That being said, I spotted a store brand at my grocery store that I may give a whirl, especially considering it’s about a dollar cheaper per bag.

We have learned to enjoy eating most breads with regular whole wheat.

However, for someone trying to make the transition between white and whole wheat, or missing the white flavor and texture in some recipes, white whole wheat is a great option.

Lately, I’ve been using white whole wheat to experiment with some of our favorite white flour recipes. I’ll be sharing some of those with you soon.

Have you tried white whole wheat? What do you think about it?

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