Get Fit…With Brooke


I wonder who she’s been watching? Yep…I suppose that would be me 🙂

Almost every morning, Brooke sees me work up a sweat as I jump, lunge and squat with my favorite exercise videos. I definitely would not say it’s at the top of her entertainment list, but, obviously, it’s had a positive impact on her.


As I watched her attempt to repeat some of the workout moves she’s seen me do, I realized I have the perfect opportunity to encourage her to develop a healthy active lifestyle, simply by being an example to her.

She even asked me to get her a workout video for kids. Of course, I got her one, and she has actually done it a few times.

We all know our kids pick up a lot of our habits – good and bad. I hope that this is one of the good habits she will pick up from me and keep.

What good (or bad) habits are your kids picking up from you?

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Posted on September 14th, 2011 in Health and Fitness, Kids and Family | No Comments

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