Have You Tried a SoBe Lifewater?

161  430x sobe1 Have You Tried a SoBe Lifewater?

I totally love these drinks. My first experience with a SoBe Lifewater was a while back when I had a coupon to get a couple for free. Well, I’ve been hooked ever since.

Why do I like these drinks so much?

  1. They taste yummy and help keep me from drinking not-so-good-for-me drinks. My two favorites are Fuji Apple Pear and Black and Blue Berry.
  2. They have ZERO calories. Of course, this is great for my waistline. ;-)
  3. They have vitamins added, which make them a wonderful nutritional supplement.
  4. They make super water bottles because of their size and sturdiness. Since one bottle holds 20 ounces, I try to fill it up at least three times a day with plain water to drink.

I haven’t tried any other nutritional or fitness type drinks. Have you? Do you have a favorite that I might want to try also?

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