Not Getting Your Beauty Sleep?


Are you going broke buying under eye concealer to cover up those dark circles due to nights of restless or almost non-existent sleep? Does deep, restful sleep seem to elude you these days?

With all the responsibilities of being a wife and mom, the last thing we need to worry about is getting enough sound sleep. Yet, sleep deprivation, for whatever the reason, is very much a reality for many women.

According to SleepMed, more than 70 million Americans suffer from sleep problems, and females are twice as likely to have trouble falling asleep and staying asleep.

So, what causes us to have difficulties getting our Zzzs?

Sleep issues can be caused by a range of things, anywhere from the temperature of the bedroom to medical conditions. Of course, for medical conditions, a sleep specialist may be required to ensure that proper sleep is obtained.

Fortunately for many sleep problems, there are things that can be done to help minimize the loss of that much needed shut-eye.

What changes then can you implement into your current bedtime rituals to help you sleep better?

  1. Avoid caffeine (this includes chocolate) before bedtime – Caffeine is a natural stimulant which can obviously cause you problems with getting to sleep.
  2. Try not to nap during the day – Napping causes you not to be as sleepy at night when it is time to go to bed.
  3. Read a calming book to help relax and wind down – Try to avoid anything suspenseful or too thought provoking. The object is to get your mind to slow down and relax.
  4. Get regular exercise – Regular exercise will cause your body to require sleep to recuperate.
  5. Don’t lay in bed awake – If you have been laying in bed awake for awhile, get up and do something boring until you get sleepy again.
  6. Limit liquids just before bedtime – You don’t want frequent trips to the little girls room hindering your sleep.
  7. Turn on relaxing music to play lightly in the background – Soft music can help relax your mind and body so you can fall asleep more quickly and peacefully.
  8. Don’t go to bed hungry – A growling stomach does not make for a good bed buddy.
  9. Don’t go to bed on a full stomachEating too much before bedtime can make breathing more difficult, not to mention, making you just plain miserable.
  10. Keep the bedroom cooler rather than warmer – A cooler room seems to help promote sleep. Just curl up under the warm covers.
  11. Don’t hit the snooze button – By hitting the snooze button, you lose valuable sleep time. You are better off setting the alarm to the actual time you need to get up, sleeping until that time, and then getting up.
  12. Try to maintain a consistent bedtime routine – This routine includes the things that you do just before going to bed, and keeping a consistent time for going to bed and getting up in the morning.

Hopefully, some of these tips will help if you are having problems getting to sleep or staying asleep. I remember as a kid snoozing right through the night, every night. But, where are those nights now? Let’s just say they are less frequent.

Although, I don’t sleep like I did as a kid, I can say that since I have implemented some of these suggestions into my own sleep habits, I do sleep better than I did a few years ago.

If you have had sleep issues in the past, what sleep rituals have you found to help you?

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Posted on April 8th, 2009 in Health and Fitness | 9 Comments
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  • I can’t have caffeine beginning in the afternoon. It really effects me. I run a fan in my room for white noise too. A good night’s sleep is really essential for me so I have to make it a priority.

    Nicki at Domestic Cents’s last blog post..Frugality Builds Character

  • kirwin says:

    I find that when I’m getting regular exercise, I fall asleep very quickly. Also, when I’m not eating cr@p, it’s easier for me to sleep (no excessive chocolate or sugars.)

    I generally don’t have caffeine after 11 am, so that might be helpful, too.

    kirwin’s last blog post..What’s your Love Language?

  • Cheryl says:

    Great ideas….but I find it hard to keep the same routine during weekends!

    Thanks for stopping by our blog (3scrapbookingladies) and your comments!

    Cheryl’s last blog post..Easter Candy Boxes

    • Amanda says:

      I agree, it is sometimes harder to stick to a routine on the weekend. However, you’ll probably do fine as long as you stick to a routine during the rest of the week. Thanks for the comment.

  • Theo-Ann says:

    I struggled with sleep when I was first married. Having been single for a long time, I wasn’t used to someone else in the bed with me. He also snored a lot and I’m a light sleeper. It eventually got so bad, that I had to see the doctor about it. I had done all the routine stuff and don’t drink caffeine anyway. What it came down to was that I was so used to being woken up, that I was actually afraid of going to sleep! We worked on my husband’s snoring…and I took some natural sleep remedies for a while until I learned how to fall asleep and stay asleep again.

    by the way–just posted on how to make resurrection eggs! enjoy! Happy Easter!:)

    Theo-Ann’s last blog post..How to make your own set of Resurrection Eggs

    • Amanda says:

      That must have been awful. Our bodies and minds can definitely react strangely to things sometimes. I’m glad you got it all figured out though so you can sleep well now.

  • Jendi says:

    My problem is that it’s quiet at night and I can do stuff for me so I don’t want to go to bed!

    Seriously…now that my children sleep all night I can’t take naps in the day or I’ll REALLY not want to sleep at night. 4,5,10, & 11 are all things I try to do regularly.

    Also, I stay away from the computer right before bedtime. It actually puts off something that makes your body stay awake.

    Jendi’s last blog post..Why Do I Video Blog?

  • Not napping during the day works best for me. And the more productive/tiring my day is, the better I sleep at night.
    .-= Tina@Sound Sleep Machine´s last blog ..Ecotones Duet Sleep Sound Machine =-.

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