On a Mission to Healthier Eating


When you think about what you’ve eaten the last few days, do you feel disgusted or pleased with yourself? Myself – well, I actually feel pretty pleased. That’s because my family is on a mission to healthier eating, and I think it’s going well.

Let me tell you what really got us thinking more seriously about what we’re eating. And just for the record, we don’t eat junk food all the time, nor do we eat out all the time. I like to cook and try to prepare healthy meals most of the time. Nevertheless, our diets definitely have some room for improvement.

Recently, our son was diagnosed with congenital cataracts in his eyes. At that time, the specialist told us that it was not affecting his vision and surgery was not necessary. He said we would just watch them and check periodically for any changes.

Well, last week when we went in for just a routine vision check, the cataracts had worsened. The doctor really doesn’t want to do surgery right now because of our son’s age (5 years). This means we have time to look at other possible solutions, such as herbal remedies and nutritional adjustments.

After talking to a Master Herbalist at church and researching cataracts, it has become clear to us that through proper nutrition and an herbal eyewash, it’s possible to slow down the progression of cataracts or even reverse them.

What I’ve Learned So Far Regarding Proper Nutrition

Just because we’re eating vegetables and fruit doesn’t necessarily mean we’re eating well enough. To be honest, I’m finding it a little difficult to know what’s actually best with all the conflicting information out there to read.

However, I have managed to get started by incorporating changes in the following areas:

  • Greatly decreasing the amount of sugar we’re eating and drinking
  • Switching to all or mostly whole wheat flour for bread, muffins and pancakes
  • Eating more raw and steamed veggies, in order to preserve nutrients lost through other cooking methods
  • Choosing fresh fruits instead of cookies or other desserts
  • Cooking with whole wheat pastas and brown rice, instead of white

As you might imagine, I’m now on the lookout for yummy but healthy recipes. One of our favorite breakfast items is muffins. Occasionally, I make them from scratch but I admit, more often than not, it’s a Martha White or Betty Crocker mix.

Well, after browsing for a tasty whole wheat muffin recipe, I just didn’t really find one that suited me or that included ingredients I had on hand at the time, so I came up with an awesome muffin recipe.

If you want the recipe, you’ll have to tune in tomorrow. I’ll also include the way I’ve made these muffins into more of a convenience meal for myself on busy days.

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Posted on June 29th, 2009 in Health and Fitness | 5 Comments


  • I’ll be watching for mix. Though we make lots of things from scratch, I tend to favor Betty Crocker on many occassions because you can get it on sale for very little, it tastes good and is fast! LOL. Though if healthier eating is on the schedule, these maybe aren’t the greatest 🙂

    Jenn @ Beautiful Calling’s last blog post..Summer Photo Highlights so far…

  • steadymom says:

    Wow – it’s amazing how good nutrition can heal our bodies. I wrote a bit about healthy meal planning in my post today as well.


    steadymom’s last blog post..Meal Planning Simplified

  • jamie says:

    i have been heading the same mission here at our house! i’ve been purchasing 100% whole wheat bread for years. we’re big on fiber. rarely are their store bought cookies, muffins, chips, etc., in our home. we almost never buy pop. i’m taking baby steps and i’m thrilled with our progress. i have a fabulous recipe for bran muffins. it’s called *the best bran muffin* i found it in a magazine and thought, *yeah, right* but it is the absolute best. i find great inspiration from http://www.keeperofthehome.org/
    she has a fabulous ebook! it will inspire you!

  • I think that’s great! I hope you’ll post more about your ideas and findings 🙂

    Nicki at Domestic Cents’s last blog post..Refurbished Electronics

  • Just found your blog from Abbie at Organizing-Life and I love it! I strive everyday to feed my family good fresh food. Doesn’t always happen, but we do pretty well most of the time. I can’t wait to try your honey wheat muffins! I make honey wheat bread that doesn’t last long around here.

    Marci@OvercomingBusy’s last blog post..Lessons From Grandma – Count Your Blessings

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