Grocery Shopping: Get In and Get Out Fast!

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Your menu is ready and it’s time to put together your grocery list. Sounds simple enough, right? Okay, well here’s the deal. When you’re trying to shop with kids, the primary objective is to get what you need and get out as speedily as possible. So, why not make finding your grocery items super easy and quick.

You may assume that you have two basic methods for creating your list. The first is to just write your list in any order, and the second is to use some kind of pre-made checklist that is broken down by department. What about a third option? Create your list based on the aisles in your store.

Yes, this will take some time initially, but the rewards are worth it. The idea is to organize your grocery list based on the aisles in your store, not necessarily on the departments. This way you shop by going straight down your list instead of up and down or back and forth as you would with either of the first two methods I mentioned.

How it’s done

  • While shopping at your supermarket, start making notes as you go down each aisle as to what kind of grocery items are located on that particular aisle.
  • At home, begin to compile an organized and in order aisle list based on your notes. This is the listing you will use while creating your grocery list.
  • After a few weeks, you should be able to make your grocery list based on the order that you come to the items in your store.

The result

Because your list is ordered by aisle, you are able to go directly to the aisles on which those specific grocery items are located. In turn, you limit impulsive buying because you are only going down necessary aisles. Having this plan makes getting in and out of the grocery store a breeze, and when you have little ones with you, that’s exactly what you need.

My strategies for simplifying menu planning and grocery shopping have definitely made my life easier, and I hope that they can do the same for you.

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