Save that Paper! – Then Make Something of It

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In the past few months, I’ve really become a couponing mama. I’m loving couponing because it’s saving us tons of money on so many things, and I plan to continue it for a long time. Therefore, this means I currently print, and will continue to print, a lot of coupons from the internet, thus using huge amounts of paper.

The Problem:

Many of the coupons print out with just one to a page and the whole bottom part of the sheet of paper is blank – and wasted. Or at least it used to be wasted.

The Solution:

I put aside the blank page bottoms until I get a pretty good little stack. Then using my paper cutter (you could also just use a pair of scissors) I cut the paper to a uniform width. Once the paper has been cut, I divide it up and make little notepads by simply putting a couple of staple across the top.

Yes, I know this really is a super easy idea, but it works, saves paper and saves you money since you’re not buying extra notepads.

Here are a few ways I use my notepads:

  • Making notes of any coupons/sales I want to take advantage of each week
  • My to-do list
  • Doodle pads for the kids

Really, you can use the notepad for any reason you would normally go out and buy one.

This can be done with any extra paper you have around the house. I just used the coupons as an example because that’s where most of my excess paper comes from these days.

What extra papers can you find around your house to make notepads out of?

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Posted on July 31st, 2009 in Home and Organization | 3 Comments


  • Tina says:

    I put my coupon paper back in the printer and print the next coupon on the bottom/back of the first. VOILA! Two coupons, one piece of paper. :o)

    • Amanda says:

      I’ve thought about doing that before but knowing myself I’d probably put the paper in wrong and end up messing up both coupons, then I would be a very unhappy since you can only print out a couple per computer.

      Besides I need scratch pads all the time anyway and the kids are always wanting paper to scribble on, so I think I’ll just stick with the notepads for now. But thanks for the super idea! 🙂 If I start getting too much extra paper, I’ll most likely give this a try though.

  • ro says:

    I do what Tina does mentioned above. But I also use the extra paper as a mouse pad for my mouse. Yes, I have that much coupon scrape paper! lol! And when the kids are using the computer they use it as a scratch pad. Keeps them out of my decorative paper!

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