Simple Solutions: Keeping Track of Your Books

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Have you ever loaned a book to someone, never got it back, and couldn’t remember who last borrowed it? Well, if this is you, I have a simple solution for keeping track of all those favorite books.

I love reading to relax and therefore, I buy a lot of books. Believe me, I have quite a collection.

Not only do I love to read, but I also enjoy allowing my friends and family to borrow books from me. However, I do want them back once they’re finished reading them.

My simple solution was to create a spreadsheet listing all the books in my home library. The listing includes a column for recording who borrowed a particular book and when the book was borrowed. This way, if the book is not returned within a reasonable amount of time, I know who to ask about it.

My Columns

  • Title
  • Author
  • Series
  • Series Book Number
  • Borrower
  • Date Borrowed

I keep this listing in alphabetical order by author’s last name so it’s easier to locate the books and also helps keep each individual series together.

Most of the books I own are fiction novels, but this organizational method could easily be done with any books you own.

If by chance you don’t have a spreadsheet on your computer, you can download a free one at It is very similar to Excel, so if you’re at all familiar with Excel, you should have no problem using Open Office.

What is the best way you’ve found to organize and keep up with your books?

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