Springing into Action


Living in the south, we don’t get a lot of snow or extremely cold weather, but this winter I think it has snowed more than I’ve ever seen it snow in my life. I personally don’t care for cold weather….well, except for the fact that Christmas comes and my birthday comes during the winter months.

Now, spring and summer on the other hand I love. I love shorts, sleeveless shirts, flip-flops,  trips to the lake, and the effect the warmer weather has on my efficiency.

Yes, I said efficiency.

Lately, we’ve started having some beautiful warm days that remind me spring is right around the corner. I’ve noticed that I’ve had extra energy, and I’m ready to get up and get things done on those days. I’m just plain energized! However, when it cools off again for a few days I feel like I slow back down.

My house really needs a good spring cleaning, so “Spring, please come….and stay for a while….at least until I can get somewhat caught up!” 🙂 (As if I can ever truly be caught up as a mom.)

How about you? What season of the year do you enjoy most? Do you have a season, or seasons, you feel like you get more accomplished because of the mood it sets for you?

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