14 Family Activities to Do Before the End of the Year


In our society, one very important element is consistently missing within many families. That element is quality time spent together as a family. Now, it sure doesn’t seem like spending time together should be such a difficult task to accomplish.

Unfortunately, many times we simply don’t take the time to slow down and truly value family time as we should. I’ll admit I am guilty of this from time to time myself.

I have made a list of 14 activities that I hope to do with my family this year. Please feel free to add these fun activities to your family’s to do list for the year.

  1. Go to a local zoo – Kids and adults love the zoo. The zoo is one place that can bring young and old together. Everyone loves animals.
  2. Have a picnic at the park – Isn’t it relaxing to go to the park, find a nice shady area with a picnic table, and sit down to have a wonderful picnic lunch. Something about it just seems to put the whole family in a more chipper mood.
  3. Have popcorn and a movie, and camp out in the living room – My kids really love the together time that comes by staying up late and camping out together in the living room.scavenger-hunt
  4. Have a scavenger hunt – If you have young children, divide up into two teams, each headed by a parent, then scour the house looking for a few common household items. Here is a list (PDF file) that you can print out that I compiled for my family to use for our scavenger hunt.
  5. Put a puzzle together – Whether you’re putting together two or three 16 piece toddler puzzles or one big 1000 piece puzzle, the time spent putting them together will be filled with good family conversation.
  6. Visit a museum – Museums are always fun and provide good educational field trips. Check to see if there are museums in your own town or a nearby town. Even if you have been there before, it will still be fun to revisit.
  7. Go camping in the backyard – Even if you can’t get to the lake for the weekend, the backyard is always waiting. Put up the tent, grab the sleeping bags and blankets, and some snacks and camp out right in your own yard. Don’t forget your flashlights.
  8. Have a family photo shoot – Get your camera, find a nice spot outside or at the park and start posing. Do serious poses, goofy poses, and whatever poses float your boats. These photos will surely be a treasure for years to come.
  9. Have a picnic in the backyard – Pack the picnic basket, grab the blanket and set up your picnic on the grass right outside your back door. My son thinks this is the greatest idea ever. 
  10. finger-paint-mollypop1.jpg
    Photo By mollypop
  11. Finger paint a picture together – Kids love to finger paint, but they will love it even more if you join in the fun with them. Take the painting and have it framed for a very sentimental piece to hang on your wall. 
  12. Make sock puppets – All you need for cute little sock puppets are old socks, a marker, buttons, yarn, needle and thread, and scissors. Sparkplugging has a cute example with instructions.
  13. Put on a sock puppet show – Drape a blanket over a small sofa table or a couple of chairs, and take turns acting out skits with your sock puppets.
  14. Watch a sunrise/sunset together – Sunrises and sunsets both are so peaceful. By watching one or both of these as a family, you can help your children see the awesome beauty found in nature.
  15. Look at old photos/videos and reminisce – It is always special to look at old photos and home videos because it gives you a chance to relive family vacations, silly moments, and nostalgic times. This is sure to create smiles and laughter.

No matter the age of your family members, these ideas can be enjoyable and memorable. I hope you have as much fun doing these activities with your family as I plan to have with mine.

What other family fun ideas can you add to the list?

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