Ahhh…Weekend Getaway at the Lake

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Well, I just got back from a much needed camping vacation at the lake. We had so much fun and I had the privilege of sitting back, relaxing and spending time with the family. It was wonderful.

My family started going to the lake when I was about 15 years old and haven’t stopped since. I’ve gained many fond camping memories throughout the years.

Just the other night as my dad and I sat around the campfire, we began to talk about some of the reasons we have loved camping for so long. It’s just a totally different experience than going on a great big vacation to a large city or an amusement park somewhere.

Here are some of the reasons we came up with for going on a family camping trip and foregoing the typical big vacation, or at least occasionally.

  • Rest and Relaxation: The atmosphere of the lake provides a simplicity and peacefulness that’s not so easy to come by these days with all our hectic schedules. As opposed to the normal vacation schedule in which you are busily zooming from one attraction to another, the peaceful outdoors and nice fresh air are the attractions.
  • Inexpensive: Camping is a relatively inexpensive vacation option. The campsite we rented was only $20 a night, pretty cheap in comparison to a hotel bill. If you don’t have a tent, you can probably borrow one from a friend or family member. Even if you have to buy one, it’s a one time investment that will last many trips. You’re also grilling and eating simple foods that don’t cost near as much as going out to restaurants. Of course, another biggie is no expensive amusement park tickets.
  • Quality Family Time: One of the best parts about camping is the quality time you can spend with your family. Since you’re in one place and not hustling to get from one place to another, you have plenty of time for togetherness. Some of the things we did this past weekend included throwing frisbees, riding bikes, making s’mores around the campfire and a little swimming. Actually the kids did the swimming, it was a little too chilly for the rest of us…burrr! We did sit and watch them have fun though.

Even if you’ve never tried camping before, it’s never to late to embark on this new adventure. You just might find yourself addicted too.

Does your family ever go on camping trips? If so, what types of things do you like to do?

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Posted on May 27th, 2009 in Kids and Family | 7 Comments
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  • Stephanie says:

    We do not go camping. For one we don’t have the equipment and for two, I like my own bed 😉 We simulate camping in our own yard, or rent a cabin if we are going away. I would camp in an RV though, does that count?

    Stephanie’s last blog post..The Summer Schedule And MIT’s!

    • Amanda says:

      I have no problem with camping in an RV. If you can afford to buy one, rent one or borrow one, that’s great. I’ve stayed in both, an RV and a tent. Either way you’ll have a fun time.

      I also really like the idea of camping in the yard. We have been planning on doing that sometime this year too.

  • Steady Mom says:

    We’re headed on our first family camping excursion in a couple of weeks!


    Steady Mom’s last blog post..What Do You Think?

  • Wonderful reminder! We haven’t camped since getting married (yikes!) nearly 6 years ago – but I know the boys would LOVE it and what fabulous memories to be made there.

    Sounds like you had a lovely time!

    Angie @ The Creative Mama’s last blog post..What I Found Wednesdays!

  • Becky says:

    Our family tradition is to spend a week camping at a different national park each year. It’s great. We love trying out new dutch oven recipes and going on hikes and playing card games and toasting marshmallows. We’ve never taken our kids to DisneyWorld, and while they might complain a bit, I think they’ve survived without that experience just fine.

    Becky’s last blog post..WFMW – Haircuts

    • Amanda says:

      I’ve only been camping at the lake. I think it would be great to camp at a bunch of different national parks. It sounds really fun. Thanks for sharing.

  • Love, love, love camping! Only, we use my hubby’s parent’s camper instead of a tent. We cheat 🙂 but the rest and relaxation element is still there. It is so peaceful at the lake, especially in October and November. It is still fairly warm here then, and the only other ppl around are the sweet retired folk!

    Amy @ AmyLovesIt!’s last blog post..Memorial Day weekend

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