Buying Pants for My Thick-Waisted, Short-Legged Daughter


Dread was the first thing that entered my mind when I realized I didn’t have a choice but to take my 3 year old shopping for pants. It’s always the same. To get pants that fit her in the waist, they are about a foot too long. No joke. So basically, rolling them up or even hemming them hasn’t been an option in most cases.

I have mostly been buying leggings, because they can be a little long and still not get caught under her feet. However, with it getting colder, I wanted her to have some jeans. You know, jeans are also just so versatile.

Well, I walked into Target the other day to see if they had any doable pants. As I glanced at the clearance rack full of blue jean capris, I was struck with an idea. Could I buy capris in my daughter’s waist size and let her wear them as long pants? It was certainly worth a shot, especially considering they were on clearance.

So, I tried the capris on her and voila! They fit like a charm and looked just like long pants that were actually the right length. While I was there, I decided to go ahead and grab the next size up too, since it will be harder to find capris on into the winter months. Now she will have some pants in a few months if she grows out the ones that fit her now.

My question to myself: Why didn’t I think of this before? What a great solution!

Have you run into any big dilemmas buying clothes for kids? What kinds of solutions have you found to overcome them?

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Posted on November 9th, 2010 in Kids and Family | One Comment

One Comment

  • Judy says:

    I must admit that I do the very same thing for myself. I buy capri or yoga pants and then wear them as normal pants. You can’t tell the difference. I buy most of mine at the summer clearance sales just in time for winter.

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