Hey Mom, What’s for Lunch?

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I can hardly believe it, but next week my little man starts kindergarten. I’m excited for him because he’s looking forward to making new friends and doing all the things “big kids” do.

On the other hand, along with all the excitement, I’m left with yet a new job description: school lunch maker. Yes, the school offers a lunch program, and they say it’s healthy, but….

Well, I want to know exactly what he’s eating everyday.

I quickly realized I’ve got to do a little preparation to make sure I’m not just throwing his lunch together as we’re running out the door each morning. The main thing I have to remember is that there is no refrigerator to keep items cold, nor a microwave for warming foods up.

So, here’s the way I see it.

I plan our dinners for the following week ahead of time and put them on my calendar so I’m prepared each night when it’s time to start dinner.

Why not plan for David’s school lunches and snacks the same way?

  • I started by listing out several nutritious foods I know he will actually eat for both lunches and snacks.
  • Then I added a lunch and snack plan to my calendar for each day of the week, which included drinks.
  • Finally, I included on my grocery list anything needed to make his lunches and snacks for next week.

You see, it’s just like menu planning for dinner.

My goal is to create about two weeks worth of ideas and then repeat them every two weeks. This way he’s only eating the same lunch twice per month.

Trust me, if I didn’t have a plan, he would end up with a PB&J every other day. Therefore, I really believe this is going to work for me.

Are any of you experienced school lunch makers? What are your kids’ favorite healthy lunchbox foods?

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