How I’m Entertaining AND Educating My Kids This Summer

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I love the kids being out of school during the summer, but I also want to give them something to do other than watch television and play video games all day. Additionally, I want something we can do low cost.

With that in mind, an idea came to me as I was preparing for my daughter’s Hawaiian birthday celebration.  We could take a trip around the world this summer.

No, not a literal trip….with two kids….ha! I do want to keep my sanity, and if you remember, I said low cost. Okay, now that we have that straight…

Each week I have planned for us to learn about a different country or place. We’re doing crafts and reading stories related to that particular country. Then at the end of the week, I prepare a meal from the country, or as close I can get it.

We are currently on week three and it’s been a lot of fun for all of us. Here is where we have already traveled:

Week One: Hawaii



  • Homemade Volcano – Tip: If you have an outside table, cover it with a disposable tablecloth. Build the volcano in the center of table. After it erupts and you’re done, fold up the cloth and throw the whole thing away. This makes for really easy cleanup.



  • Okay, you can call me a cheater if you want, but I didn’t actually make Hawaiian food for our meal. However, I did make a flip flop birthday cake. Flip flops…Hawaii…flip flops…Hawaii….You see the connection.


Week Two: China




  • Alligators – Did you know that Alligators are only native to two countries in the world? Those countries are the United States and China. I didn’t know that, but thought is was very interesting. In China, they are extremely endangered. We used this printable template to create the alligator. Then we stapled them to a toilet paper roll so they would stand up. Aren’t they cute?



  • Sesame Chicken – I was not excited about deep frying the chicken because we try not to eat too many fried foods, but I did it anyway. At least it was very good!
  • Fortune Cookies

…and we used chopsticks.


Week Three: Germany


I’ll let you know all about it next week.

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