Motivating Your Kids to Read

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As a child, I absolutely loathed reading. My parents never seemed to show much interest in reading either. Now, however, I can devour a 400 page book in less than two days. (Though, you wouldn’t want to see what my house looks like at the end of those two days.) When I asked myself what has changed over the past few years regarding my reading habits, I realized two things.

Number one,  I now hang around other people that enjoy reading, and it’s evident they have a passion for it. Number two, I realized that for many years I tried to read a specific book just because someone else said it was a good book, instead of finding books that really peaked my interest.

Now, even though at times I’m forced to read things that are not particularly interesting to me, I find that because I’m in the habit of reading regularly, it makes those few things easier to read. Therefore, where my children are concerned, my goal is to help them develop early reading habits that they can carry with them throughout their lives.

So, how do you capture your children’s interest in reading? First, it’s essential for them to learn that reading not only plays a vital part in increasing knowledge, but also provides a way to relax, explore and escape. Secondly, you must inspire them to make reading a substantial part of their lives.

How do you inspire them?

  1. While your children are young begin reading to them on a regular basis. Ask them questions and make comments as you go to help keep their attention focused. Get excited about what is taking place in the story. They will key off of your enthusiasm.
  2. Let them see you reading. It is a well-known fact that kids learn best by example, especially when they are young. Most children desire to be just like their parents. By letting them see you enjoy reading, it will help them to have that same desire, because if Mom and Dad are reading, then it must be something of value.
  3. Help your children pick out books that they might enjoy. Think about their interests and hobbies. Try to find books relating to those interests.
  4. If your local library or bookstore has a kid’s story time, get your child involved. This will help them see that other children are interested in books and stories also.
  5. Don’t limit your children’s reading choices to storybooks. You might also consider poetry or educational magazines.
  6. Stay interested in what your children are reading. Make sure that once they are old enough to read for themselves that you are aware of what they are reading, and let them know that you are still interested.

Reading is to the mind what exercise is to the body.

— Sir Richard Steele

This quote pretty much sums up the importance of reading. It is imperative that we never stop reading and that we instill in our children its value, because reading good books helps keep our minds alive and healthy.

So, let’s go snatch up a good book and start reading together with our children.

How do you inspire your kids to grab a book?

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