The Lunchbox Plan for My Very Picky Eater

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Last week, if you read my post Hey Mom, What’s for Lunch?, then you know I’ve been working on planning for my son’s lunches in the same way I plan my dinner menus.

In the comments, Beth from Smart Family Tips requested that I share a sample plan and some of the details of how I plan it out.

What you’re getting today, however, is not just a sample plan, it is the plan for the first two weeks of school. I’ve included both lunches and snacks for each day.

I’d like to first get a few things out in the open so maybe you won’t judge me too harshly on the contents of David’s lunchbox. Surely, you’ll notice there are no veggies in sight.

Here’s why.

David is incredibly picky. Most nights we literally have to force him to eat his vegetables. I know if I sent them with him to school, they would just get tossed in the trash. He’ll have to get those in at dinner when we can make sure he actually eats them.

I figured I’m better off sending healthy foods I know he’ll at least eat. Besides, sending foods he won’t eat will just be wasting money. One positive is that he does eat fruits well, so I’ll be sending those pretty often.

Okay, finally I’m getting to the actual plan.

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  • No Lunch/Snack – Half Day


  • No Lunch/Snack – Half Day



  • Lunch – Chicken Strips, String Cheese, Grapes, Juice
  • SnackTrail Mix, Honest Kids Organic Drink


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  • Lunch – Homemade Chicken Salad in Whole Wheat Pita Pockets, Pretzels, Juice
  • Snack – Banana, Honest Kids Organic Drink


  • Lunch – Turkey and Cheese on Homemade Wheat Bread, Jello, Juice
  • Snack – Plain Popcorn, Honest Kids Organic Drink


  • Lunch – Peanut Butter on Wheat Crackers, Apple Slices, Juice
  • Snack – Pretzels, Honest Kids Organic Drink

Planning and Packing

  • Plan your child’s lunch menu alongside your dinner menu so you’ll know which days there will be leftovers to send and which days you’ll need to send something different.
  • Jennifer at Clutching to the Vine mentioned a great way to keep foods warm. Pour boiling water in a thermos to heat it up, cook the food until it’s very hot, pour the water out of the thermos, and fill it with food.

And there you have it, the two week plan. Yes, I know. I cheated a little on the two week plan because David is only going to school half days those first two days. However, I’m sure you get the idea.

Good luck planning all those lunches and I hope all your kids are having great first days of school!!

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Posted on August 12th, 2009 in Food and Entertaining, Kids and Family | 3 Comments


  • steadymom says:

    That’s an amazing plan! He’ll be one very well-fed boy!

    .-= steadymom´s last blog ..What to Do When Everyone is Watching =-.

  • This looks great. Thanks for posting the details!

    I have twin daughters who are almost 4. One loves almost any fruit or vegetable; they other hates them all except baby lima beans (she will, however, eat every food you’ve listed in your plan). I’m always looking for healthy options that will work for both of them.

    Thanks again.
    .-= Beth@SmartFamilyTips´s last blog ..Eating Better: Organics =-.

  • Sarah says:

    I love those whole wheat honey muffins – I made them this week and they were a big hit. Thanks for the recipe! If I get around to it, I am going to post a link to your blog entry when I send out my first newsletter (I am a teacher). It would be great for my parents to see examples of a healthy week of eating at school.
    One caution, though – by P B do you mean peanut butter? It isn’t allowed at our school since so many children now have severe allergies.
    .-= Sarah´s last blog ..Going Private =-.

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