Tips for Family Vacation Planning: Introduction

80  430x shoreline Tips for Family Vacation Planning: Introduction
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Are you ready for that super fun great vacation with your family? I mean, are you really ready? Well, I’m really excited, but not about my vacation. I’m excited because next week I will be beginning a four part series on planning for your family vacation.

Vacations provide a great way to spend time with your family away from the distractions that constantly assail you at home (cleaning floors, dirty dishes, laundry - you get the picture) - just relaxation and fun, fun, fun. Yea!! However, if you’re not well prepared, your vacation may not go as smoothly as you would like.

Here’s the good news.

You can bypass a whole lot of bumps in the road by making sure that you have a good solid plan. What I have for you are some tips that are going to make your vacation planning easier this year, thus resulting in a more fun-filled, less stressful trip.

Let me introduce you to the four segments in this series.

Each of these segments includes tips and information that will help you make the most of your vacation. I can’t wait to get started. This is really making me want to go on vacation now!

This series will begin next Tuesday. You don’t want to miss it. I will also have some vacation planning worksheets available for you to download.

You may want to subscribe to my RSS feed by clicking on the RSS feed icon on the righthand side of this page, or simply enter your email address in the box under the RSS icon and press the subscribe button. This way you’ll be sure to catch all four parts of this series.

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