Week Eight of Our Summer Travels: Madagascar

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Well, we have roared though another week. Get it?? Roared…like a lion. Okay, never mind. I thought it was pretty cute.

Since we’re on the subject of lions, some of our favorite animals live in Africa….lions, giraffes, zebras…. I’ve found that our library has some wonderful animal books for young children.

Oh, who am I kidding?!? I enjoyed reading and learning about the animals of Africa as much as the kids.

Although our country was Madagascar, we basically used the whole continent of Africa as our theme for the week. I couldn’t really find much specifically centered around Madagascar, except of the movie.

We Read:



When Africa Was Home

Wangari’s Trees of Peace: A True Story from Africa

We Made:

African Drums


Seriously, Brooke??? The pencils were for playing the drum, not sticking them up your nose…. 🙄

Making the Drum:

To make the drums, we used coffee cans with the lids removed. I found some vinyl-like material at our craft store and duck taped it tightly over the opening of the can. Then using clear tape we taped construction paper all around the outside of the can. Lastly, I let the kids just decorate by gluing on shapes or drawing whatever they wanted on the drums.

Paper Plate Lions


If it involves paint, the kids are all in. They said this was their favorite activity of the week. We did come back later and attach crafts sticks to the backs of the plates, so they could hold their lions and play with them easier.

We Ate:



Ooo…look at all that ooey, gooey cheddar cheese! This week was easy when it came to deciding what to cook. We’ve been enjoying this African casserole for years. You’re gonna wanna try this one!

We Watched:


Of course!! What else would we watch for our week on Madagascar!?! I just wish I had thought to get Madagascar: Escape 2 Africa from Netflix before the end of the week, so we could have watched it too. Have you seen it? If so, how was it?

Well, folks it looks like we’re only going to have one more week of travels before school starts back. The kids and I are out of town right now (for real 🙂 ), so we’re skipping our travel fun this week.

However, I’m super excited about next week’s plan because it’s a country I have actually visited. I saved it for last, because I know it will be fun to share my firsthand, real-life experiences with the kids.

We’re taking a trip to Greece!!

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