Week Four of Our Summer Travels: Brazil

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It’s time for another weekly travel report. We spent last week in Brazil learning about the the country and the beautiful animals of the Amazon Rainforest.

However, before I talk about what we did last week, I wanted to make sure I didn’t forget to share this link to the tallest Lego tower in the world. It was built by 6000 Brazilian kids.

My son is a Lego freak (he got it from his dad), so he absolutely thought the Lego tower was one of the coolest things he has ever seen.

Well, we didn’t do anything nearly as impressive, but we did have a fun week. This is what we did do….

We Read:

The Great Kapok Tree: A Tale from the Amazon Rainforest

How the Brazilian Beetles Got Their Gorgeous Coats

We Made:

Blue Morpho Butterflies


The Blue Morpho Butterfly lives in the Amazon Rainforest, so we decided to make our own. This was a pretty simple craft to do with the kids.

  • We used black construction paper to cut out the background of the butterfly.
  • Then using wavy cut scissors and shiny blue paper I found at our local craft store, we cut out a smaller version of the black and glued it in the center of the black background.
  • For the white dots on the sides, we used little raised glitter stickers.
  • Pipe cleaners were taped to the backs of the butterflies to form the antennae.
  • We wrapped pipe cleaners tightly around a pencil to form the body.
  • Finally, we glued the butterflies to craft sticks.

Oh, and then I stuffed the butterflies into my kitchen plant just because I thought it would look cool for the picture 😉

Colorful Pasta Necklaces


Since Brazilians love colorful jewelry, we made bright colored necklaces using pasta, paint and string.

You really can use any pasta that you can put on a string, but we used penne and I thought it worked very well. Here is how we made our necklaces:

  • Using a separate paper plate for each color (we had six colors: red, yellow, green, blue, orange and purple), we poured some paint into each plate.
  • Then we rolled 10 pieces of pasta in each color with a paintbrush until covered.
  • I gave the kids each a piece of wax paper and a toothpick. They carefully picked up each piece of pasta off the plate and placed it on the wax paper to dry.
  • Once the pasta was completely dry, we strung it onto a string. We used an embroidering string I had on hand. (No I don’t embroider. It was from another project.)
  • Lastly, tie the ends together and let the kids cut-up while you take pictures of them wearing their new necklaces.

We Ate:

fishstew1Brazilian Fish Stew – This was good, but definitely needed a little more salt, and I am not generally one to add extra salt. Also, I only used half the amount of bell pepper the recipe called for because I didn’t think we could handle four whole bell peppers. I served this over rice.

brigadeiro1Brigadeiro – Now, this Brazilian recipe….OH MY GOODNESS!!! Gooey chocolate rolled in pecans, coconut flakes, powdered sugar…..need I say more?!?!?

We Watched:


Okay, I know Rio has not been released on DVD yet, but we saw it when it was at the movie theater. We all thought it was a really cute movie, and it takes place in Brazil.

Honestly, by the time I realized I didn’t have a movie for this week, it was too late to get one. Oops!

Anybody want to try and guess which country we are learning about this week?

(Hint: This is the week of the Fourth of July.)

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