Buying Yeast in Bulk to Save Money


Over the last couple years, I have become more and more fond of baking all kinds of yeast breads from scratch. Mostly because it’s healthier, but also because it’s tastier than what I can get at the store.

I’ve made whole wheat bread, cinnamon buns, dinner rolls, hamburger buns, pizza dough and many other varieties. However, my complaint was how much active dry yeast was costing me.

Now I knew not to buy it in the little packets because that was way more expensive than buying it in the jars. Lately, though I had been having trouble finding the Active Dry Yeast in the jar. I can always find the Fast Acting Yeast in jars, but my breads never turn out as well with it.

And if you bake using yeast very often, you know those little packets don’t go very far when you are doing a lot of baking.

My Question: Could buying in bulk be the solution to my dilemma?

I decided to see if I could find a place where I could buy yeast in bulk and maybe save some money in the process. The first place I checked was and almost fell in the floor from shock at the price.

Not because the price was high, but because it was so low for 2 whole pounds (32 oz) of yeast. It was only $9.47 for 2 lbs. Wow!! The brand was Red Star, which I’ve used before, so I knew it was a good brand.

Just the other day, I checked the price at Publix for a little 4 oz jar of Red Star Active Dry Yeast and it was $7.99 plus tax. I know you could probably find it a little cheaper than that at other grocery stores, but that is an almost unbelievable difference.

As you might have guessed, I ordered a pack of that yeast from Amazon. I also needed some other baking supplies, which were also cheaper buying in bulk from Amazon, so I added them to my order to get my total up to $25 for FREE Super Saver Shipping.

I used my Swagbucks Amazon gift cards to pay for most of the order and that made for some very cheap baking supplies! (Not sure what Swagbucks is? Read about it here.)

No more buying yeast at the grocery store for me, unless it’s an absolute emergency.

What about you? Do you do a lot of baking with yeast? How do you buy your yeast…packets, jars or bulk?

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Posted on July 20th, 2010 in Money Matters | 9 Comments


  • My question would be, how long does the yeast last before it loses its effectiveness for proofing dough? I don’t know if I could get through that much yeast before it got to that point although I’m not baking my family’s bread at this point. Is there an expiration date on the package that you could go by?

    I wonder if freezing yeast is possible…
    .-= Jen @ Canadian Rhapsody´s last blog ..20- natural childbirth techniques =-.

    • Amanda says:

      I considered that very question myself before purchasing this much yeast. The package I received has an expiration date of Feb 2012, which gives me about 18 months.

      I came to the conclusion that even if, for example, I only used half of it, I would still be saving a substantial amount of money in the long run. I go through a 4 ounce jar pretty quickly.

      As far as freezing yeast, I’ve never actually put it in the freezer myself, but I’ve read that it works fine. So, after I refilled my small jar in the refrigerator, I put the bag of yeast in a large freezer bag and stuck it in the freezer.

  • thanks for the tip! I, too, do a lot of baking and go through those store jars quickly, I’m going to check out buying it in bulk!
    .-= It Feels Like Chaos´s last blog ..A Finished Product =-.

  • Melissa says:

    We used to buy yeast (it might have been the same package as you show) at Costco, and it was super-cheap. When I opened the bag, I transferred all of the yeast to a large jar. From that, I fill a 4-ounce jar.

    When I bake, I use yeast from the small jar. The large jar, which stays in the back of my refrigerator, is opened rarely. I may be wrong, but I figure that less moisture in the yeast is better.

    We’re not Costco members now, so thanks for the Amazon tip!
    .-= Melissa´s last blog ..Sourdough Starter Recipe =-.

  • Luci says:

    I bake a lot too and thought you’d like to know of another couple of sources:

    http://www.breadbeckers dot com They sell and ship instant yeast plus their website has lots of good info.

    I personally buy a year’s supply of SAF yeast through a group buy from Walton Foods. I keep it in my freezer and have never had a problem w/it.

    Hope that helps.

  • Angie says:

    I’ve bought my yeast in bulk from Urban Homemaker several times but this is an even better price! Thanks for sharing!
    .-= Angie´s last blog ..Time saving tip for tomato sauce =-.

  • I bake a whole lot, too and quickly found that buying yeast in bulk was a HUGE saver. I found a health food store downtown in our small town that sells yeast in bulk for roughly $4.75/lb–so right about the same price as Amazon. I never though to look there for it for I could also use my Swagbucks!

  • Otto says:

    Just about $3 w/ tax at Costco if I remember.

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