Week Six of Our Summer Travels: Egypt

Photo By sheilapic76

If you lived through the 80’s, you probably heard the song Walk Like an Egyptian by the Bangles. Oh yes, that song has been going through my head all week.


Walk like an Egyptian

Well, that’s the only part I remember…

I loved the music video as a kid. I guess it caught my attention seeing all those people dancing around like Egyptians. It was fun!

Although it was not at all educational, the kids and I found the music video on Youtube and did our own Egyptian Dancing.

Go on, check it out. You know you want to 🙂

Okay, enough of that nonsense. That’s not all we did this week.

We Read:

My Cat Isis

The Well of Truth: A Folktale From Egypt

We Made:

A Sugar Cube Pyramid


Lego Pyramids

legopyramids1The kids created these Lego pyramids completely on their own. I had no idea they were even making them. That sure made for an easy project 🙂

We Ate:

koshari1Koshari – I really didn’t know what to expect with this recipe, as it calls for lentils and Basmati rice, and I had never eaten either.  It was different, but my husband and I both enjoyed the dish. The kids, on the other hand, were not too happy with my dinner selection.

palacebread1Egyptian Palace Bread – Sweet, sweet, sweet!!! This one should satisfy even the sweetest sweet tooth. We loved the flavor of the honey, bread and cream, but all agreed that it was a little too….say it with me….s-w-e-e-t.

We Watched:

The Ten Commandments

We felt this movie was a pretty accurate account of the story of Moses leading the Hebrew children out of slavery in Egypt. I highly recommend it!

Up Next: the “Land Down Under”

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Too Exciting Not to Post Deals….

I know I don’t normally post deals I get on here, but I really need to tell someone about the deals I got today. Let me put it this way. It took all I could do to contain myself on the organic dairy aisle today in Kroger.

How I wanted to jump up and down and shout “WOOHOO”…. “YEAH”….and do a dance!! But, I didn’t.

Here’s why I wanted to…


Do you see those Manager’s Special tags?

  • Horizon Organic Butter – $1.75 down from $5.99
  • Horizon Organic Cottage Cheese – $1.50 down from $4.49
  • Fage Greek Yogurt (35 oz) – $2.50 down from $7.99

Now, you see why I was so excited. I was especially thrilled about the butter. You can’t buy regular butter at that price!! Oh, and it doesn’t expire until October, if you were wondering.

I truly had to restrain myself from buying all of it. Yes, I forced myself leave a few boxes on the shelf for someone else….I promise.

Always be on the lookout for “Manager’s Special” or “Reduced Price” tags at your store. You never know when you might run across a great deal like this. Just be sure to check those expiration dates.

Many times I find items I know I’ll use way before the “Expiration” or “Sell By” date, or items that I can freeze and use later.

While I’m sharing deals, I thought I’d also show you what I got in the mail today from Amazon.


100% Grade B Maple Syrup

This is the best deal I have seen for maple syrup anywhere. I’ve checked several grocery stores and can’t find a price per ounce that compares.

The price for this Highland Sugarworks 32 oz container is $15.62 when choosing the “Subscribe and Save” option, which also includes free shipping.

(Note: When using “Subscribe and Save,” you choose 1, 2, 3 or 6 month intervals. However, once you receive your product, you can simply go under your Amazon account and deactivate the subscription if you don’t want to continue to receive the item on a regular basis. It’s very easy to cancel!)

I actually got the syrup for free using my Swagbucks, making this an even better deal. If you’re not familiar with Swagbucks, you can read more about it here.

Wow! Now I feel much better getting all that excitement out in the open 🙂

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13 Years Later….The Trifle Bowl Incident

Remember the other day when I told you I thought I was going to be using my trifle dish to make that Easy Patriotic Trifle Dessert. I also promised to tell you the story behind why I ended up making it in a canister and not a beautiful trifle bowl.

Well….once upon a time, I was packing for our family Fourth of July trip to the lake. One of the items I needed to take was my trifle bowl, since I would be making the patriotic dessert while we were there.

So, I reached w-a-a-a-y back into the cabinet and pulled out this box that had been sitting there for almost 13 years….


Isn’t it a pretty bowl?

Why had I never used this wedding gift even once in almost 13 years of marriage?

Who knows….but I was finally going to put it to good use.

Like any intelligent person, I decided I better open the box to make sure the bowl was okay before packing it to take on our trip.

So I opened the box and pulled out….


Whoa! Wait a minute, that’s not a trifle bowl….

Oh yes, I was quite surprised and a little dismayed to be honest. What’s worse is that I probably sent someone a “thank-you-for-the-trifle-bowl” note. 😳

Oh well, too late now.

Anyway, I ended up with the canister after stopping at Target to see what I could use in place of my a trifle bowl. My mom and I thought the canister was a cute alternative.

The moral of this story….

Never judge a gift by the box it’s wrapped in!! 😉

Have you ever opened a gift box some time later only to realize it wasn’t what you thought? Or am I the only one?

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